Warble's Beginnings

A My Choice Mini Adventure

Warble's Beginnings

By Azakalia Sant

Who it's for: Young Readers - 8+

Genre: Fantasy

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Here is a short preview of what your adventure may hold in store...

Prince Alcander listened as alarms sounded throughout the palace. His fellow council members murmured among themselves and he turned to his advisor. “Lahkel, what is going on?”

The elder man was hurriedly communicating through his holo-pad. “There appears to be a prison break sir.” His eyes widened. “It’s the Barusian sir! And the small creature we captured earlier. They are headed this way!”

Even as he spoke Warble and the Barusian were outside the council doors. Warble scurried up one of the guards and bit his knee “Ow!” as the hooded man levitated a hoverchair into two more. His eyes flashed, opening the council room door and Alcander stood as they strode in, a host of unconscious guards behind them.

Several of the council members pulled weapons on them but the Barusian’s green eyes showed no fear as he stopped before the Prince, the small fuzzball scurrying up to his shoulder. Their eyes met and Advisor Lahkel stood to whisper in the Prince’s ear. “The Barusian was imprisoned during your father’s reign. He has never spoken and there are no records of his crime. He’s been held in the highest security cell for over a decade.” The Advisor sat back down and Alcander crossed his arms as he stared at the strange pair before him.

Choose: Listen to what the escaped prisoners have to say or stun them and send them back to their cells.


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